Armaturen- und Metallwerke Zöblitz GmbH              
Bahnhofstraße 16 | D-09496 Marienberg OT Zöblitz
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Our Company This page will provide you with an insight into our history
15.09.1884 Foundation stone laid for factory building and apartment by Carl Heinrich Eduard Leichsenring, as his previous facilities  ‘Metallwaren Ringk & Leichsenring’ burned dow 1905 Acquisition of the Company by Johannes Constanz Walter Heinze after  its founder Leichsenring  deceased, on 21st July 1904 05.02.1917 Acquisition of the company by Peter Gluth from Nürnberg, who changed the company name to ‘Wemag Werkzeuge und Maschinenfabrik Peter Gluth’. The company went into bankruptcy in 1920. 14. Juli 1922  Acquisition of the company by Metallwerke Zöblitz Aktiengesellschaft (‘MZAG’), which was founded by Jörgen Skafke Rasmussen for the purpose of manufacturing of turned parts with 20 employees. 1927 Diversification of product range with ERMETO-pipe fittings, which were produced under own license until 1945 1935 – 1936 Commencement of a new two -floor production building called ‘Valve building’ 1937 Major employer in the region Zöblitz/ Marienberg with almost 1.200 employees (Zöblitz 852/ Marienberg 350) 1938 – 1945 Involved in the Armaments industry during World War Two. 1945 Production facilities dismantled due to reparations. Total factory shut down was avoided by Dr. Ove Rasmussen and his executive board. 1946 Continuation of business with production of turned parts and repair work (30 workers) 1950 New products introduced to the market – 15 types of shut off valves in 35 different versions.     Metallwerke  Zöblitz AG taken over and controlled by the German Democratic Republic until  1992. 1957 Continuation with valves and turned parts as ‘Metallwerke Zöblitz Verwaltungsbetrieb’, and later as VEB Pneumatik Zöblitz (Holding company VEB Kombinat ORSTA-Hydraulik). Jobs generated for 600 employees. 1973 – 1975 Construction and completion of administration building. 1973 The company continues to exist under the name VEB Armaturenwerk Zöblitz (Holding company VEB Magdeburger Armaturenwerke ‘Karl Marx’ – Armaturenkombinat (MAW)) until the unification of Germany. 1974 Commencement of the production of heating fittings made of brass until 1982. 1984 – 1986 Construction and completion of new production building with 1.000 square meter production facilities Mai 1990 Restructured into Armaturenwerk Zöblitz GmbH and administered  by the Privatisation Agency Okt 1993 Liquidation of the Armaturenwerk Zöblitz GmbH Jan to Jun    Jost Braukmann a private investor acquired the company as production facility for the section valves 1994 division of SAXONIA Systemtechnik GmbH, Wiesa. Systemtechnik GmbH, Wiesa - Bereich Armaturen 01. July 1994 Business recommenced as Armaturen- und Metallwerke Zöblitz GmbH under managing director and major shareholder Karl-Heinz Börner with 32 employees. 1999 Product range of safety valves extended with the launch of the SVW 15 2000 Valves and Valve combinations for nuclear power plants (KKW) introduced to the market 2008 Shut off valves with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) approval up to – 40°C and + 250 bar launched 2009 Machining of new materials Hastelloy and Inconel established, apart from standard materials like brass, steel and stainless steel 2010 Start of a new production line: Mechanical Processing of customized casted sacred art - Bronze and Aluminium 2015 Construction and completion of a additional production building 2017 Expansion of production capacities by purchasing modern CNC-long turning machines
Armaturen- und Metallwerke Zöblitz GmbH